Features Details CultArm3D DT10 CultArm3D GT10 CultArm3D FT10
Max. Scan Volume Maximum Object Dimensions [cm] Diameter: 50 Height: 100 Diameter: 40 Height: 80 Diameter: 80 Height: 200
Max. Load Maximum Loading Object-Weight [kg] 60 20 1000
Camera Specialized Cultural Heritage Camera System Phase One iXG 100MP Phase One iXG 100MP Phase One iXG 100MP
Autonomous Scanning Adaptive view planning for arbitrary objects
Metadata Editor CH Metadata Editor compatible with Europeana Data Model (EDM)
Ready-to-use 3D Models Automatic post-processing workflow delivers high resolution and web-ready 3D models in standard formats (OBJ, GLB)
Capture Config C1 resolution: 20 µm (lens S-K 72 + CHD-D50 ringlight v3.0)
Capture Config C2 resolution: <15 µm (lens S-K 120 + CHD-D50 ringlight v2.0)
Automatic 360 Photo Capturing 360 outside-in Photography
Scanning from below 3D digitization through a revolving glass plate